Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Time of Thanksgiving

It is always such a treat to work with a bride (and groom) while designing their wedding cake. Many times after the consultation is over, I feel like I have a new friend.  This emotional connection in working together to make their wedding day the best it can be makes my job so much fun.  In this season of Thanksgiving.. that is what I'm thankful for... the joy I have in working and getting to know my clients.  Because of that relationship, the bride is no longer a name from my "contact me" page, but a new friend, and I want to make their cake even better than they imagined it could be. It's all in the "extra" details that are thought about with the bride in mind that make a spectacular cake and a happy bride.
Occasionally, you get a bride that goes out of her way to thank her vendors.  As a vendor, these "thank you's" are worth all the hours you spend away from your family and personal life to make their day special.  Just a little note or even a quick email can make your day and encourage you to keep doing your job.  If I had to choose my top 3 favorite gifts/thank you's I've received, it would be these:
  #1:  Blog Comments
            My most appreciated thank you's come when a bride posts comments on my blog about their cakes.  This not only makes me feel happy that they loved their cake, but I love that they shared it with everyone who is looking at my website and blog.  When you have customer satisfaction and others get to read that, people are more willing to contact you.

  #2:  Thank You Notes
            Many brides have gone out of their way to actually mail me a note showing their appreciation.  In our "cyber world" we live in these days, snail mail is not the most popular form of communication, BUT it is very meaningful when you know someone has taken time to get a piece of paper, write down a quick note, get a stamp, and get it to the post office.  I appreciate the efforts.
Along this same idea, I had a bride make postcards from a picture they had taken on their wedding day and mailed them out with their thank you note on the other side.

  #3:  Small Gift
            I'm not saying I expect brides to give me gifts by any means!   But I did a wedding a few months back where they were giving away chocolates and toffee's in cute little boxes to each of their guests at the reception.  Before I left, the mother of the bride handed me a box of chocolates with my name on it and a nice little note thanking me for the service I had rendered. I was touched by their appreciation that they gave to to me.

When everything is said and done.. with or without a gift, an email, or a note, I am most thankful for my clients.  I love what I do because of them. It is such an honor to be able to be part of one of the happiest days in a couple's life together.    

Thank You for all you do for me!

(excerpts of this post are posted on the incredible UBB (Utah Bride Blog). Check it out!

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