Monday, April 6, 2009

Utah Bride Blog is Up and Running!

I am happy to be a part of a great new website designed just for brides AND vendors alike. Welcome to Utah Bride Blog! It is a site dedicated to showing brides the hottest trends here in Utah as well as getting them in touch with some of the finest vendors in the state so their wedding can be better than they ever imagined. We will have posts from vendors giving tips and tricks to help ease the in the wedding planning on a daily basis!
The great thing about Utah Bride Blog is that brides can also make posts. We will have their weddings spotlighted on the site as well. Not only can they have featured articles about their special day, but they can also post what they are doing to during the planning process to help other brides see what to do and what not to do.
Everything from hot trends, to picking the best dress, to tasty wedding cakes, to ordering the most beautiful flowers and wedding invitations... all can be found on this site.
Check it out! You will love it! It will become a great reference for you while you are in the planning process. And brides... we want to hear from you!!! It is you who help us see how the trends are moving.. It is you who gets to meet with all the vendors and it is you who is going to look beautiful on that one special day!!! You are just as important to this site as the vendors.
Check it out and find out how you can spotlight your own wedding planning!

Help us get the work about the hottest new wedding planning website in Utah by linking to your own website, blog, facebook and twitter... wherever you talk to people!

I can't wait to see you all on Utah Bride Blog!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Things Utah Update

Good Things Utah was a blast to do! I thought I'd share the link if anyone wanted to check it out.


Hello Utah! I'm a Grooms Cake!

As I've said before.. Grooms cakes are starting to become more and more popular here in Utah. (YEAH!!) As a cake artist, I LOVE to make grooms cakes. This is where a lot of sculpting and creativity really gets to come out in cake.
Here's a picture fit for a baseball lover! Eric is a HUGE Arizona Diamondbacks fan, so a baseball hat was the perfect choice for him! I enjoyed this cake since I have a little soft spot in my heart for the Diamondbacks myself. I happened to live in Phoenix when they won the World Series a few years back... the whole city turned into baseball watching zombies to watch the world series... It was a blast.
Eric.. I hope you enjoyed your baseball hat cake!

Anne H Wedding

I was lucky enough to do Anne's wedding cake. Anne, you were so much fun to work with! The wedding was at Red Butte Gardens. This is a great venue for a wedding. The orangerie is a beautiful room full of light where citrus trees grow right here in Utah:) All the live plants, trees and flowers inside and out in the garden itself creates a beautiful setting for a wedding party.
Anne took the organic nature of her location into her cake with ordering sugar paste peonies as the main focal point of her cake. Adding flowers.. whether fresh or sugar to cakes add so much elegance and style. She went a step further and had chose peonies because she had the same flower in random places on her dress. She looked so beautiful.. and it was great to see how the venue, the cake, her dress, etc. etc all came together perfectly.
Congratulations Anne on your wedding.
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