Monday, January 8, 2018

I'm Back!

5 YEARS???? It's been 5 years since I posted on this blog????  I'm a little (OK... A LOT) embarrassed about it, but January is the seasons of fresh starts, am I right?
Let me start off by saying I HAVE been doing cakes for the majority of these past 5 years, and I've got tons of great pictures to share with you these next few months. I just haven't been great about blogging and social media.  That is all gonna change! I'm going to make my way into the social media world we live in and not look back.  So, here's to a fantastic 2018! I'm looking forward to working with new clients, sharing lots of pictures, and hopefully a few tips and tricks as well.  I've got big plans for this year, and I can't wait to see them unfold.  It's great to be back! I spent the last year and a half in semi retirement as we built a new house and had moved into a small condo. With 6 people in a 3rd floor condo, there wasn't a lot of room for cake decorating.  But now, we are moved in to our beautiful new home and it's cake time!!! 
So... how can you find me?? Well, this blog of course, but also searching Sugar Kisses Cakes on Instagram and Facebook.  I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store. Here's to many beautiful happy brides, many birthday smiles and a whole lot of Sugar Kisses!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Cakes

It is a bit of a miracle that I actually got pictures posted on my blog. I've gotten pretty bad at updating, and I apologize for that.

I have posted some of my favorite cakes of 2011.  It was a great year and I'm so thankful for all my clients who gave me such wonderful cakes to work on. I can't wait to see what 2012 will bring to me in cake form!

Fondant Ribbons

If you have been scouring the hottest trends of the later part of 2011 and I'm sure most of 2012, you will see this style of cake.  
Thanks to Maggie Austin, a professional ballet dancer turned cake artists, brides and cake designers everywhere are wanting to try out this cool technique.  
I loved making this cake! The ultra thin layers of fondant look like layers of a puff pastry.  It's a beautiful look especially with the color gradient.  
So brides... let me know when you want me to make one of these cakes for you!! 
I can't wait to do it again!

Sparkle makes everything better

Sparkle Detail... aka "Disco Dust"

1920's glam.

This cake reminds me of something that would have been at a party where girls wore flapper dresses, smoked long cigarettes, and Charlie Chaplin was on the big screen.  

flower detail

Super Dad

 This cute client wanted to do a special "Super Hero" party for her hubby's birthday.  The best part about the party was that the birthday boy was the Super Hero! Every dad is a super hero, and I think this is a great cake to celebrate that.

Hawaiian Party

Karate Party

For any kid (or groom) who loves martial arts, this is the cake for them.
(so those of you who know Japanese, don't look close, the characters are not perfect, some are totally made up... others actually say the birthday boys name)

Cowgirl Princess

When I met with this darling bride, she said, I'm a cowgirl princess. 
She wanted her cake to show her dual personality. 
So, we have bling, we have barbed wire, we have roses ruffles and wood grain fondant. 
Pretty cowgirl princess to me. 

What country girl doesn't want her initials engraved in a tree with the one she loves?

Spring Wedding Cake

This is a funky angle for the cake, but I wanted to show off how cool the paper lanterns looked above the cake.  This is an inexpensive, but really great design element for any party.  

Fresh Flower detail. These flowers were amazing! I love the soft color pallette.

Grey and Yellow Wedding Cake

Grey and Yellow... 
Trendy color scheme of 2011.  I hope it lasts a bit longer. I love this color combination.

bow detail

Modern Red and White

Upclose detail on the piping and "bling"

Winter Wonderland

Made with sugar crystals, this cake just screams winter! 
I added a bit of sparkle powder to it for a little extra "glitter"

A Sweet Treat

If you come to the Bridal Shows I'm at, you'll see this fun cake. 
It was inspired by the candy buffet trend we're seeing at weddings the last couple years. 
Wouldn't a cake like this be great in the center of your candy buffet?

Motor Cross Cake

These two guys love to motorcross.  Their family threw them a double graduation party and felt like showing off their "talent"would be a perfect way to honor them on their special day!

Vintage Chic

I loved how this cake turned out.  It had the "vintage" vibe, but with some modern elements with the sugar flowers.  I loved the lace on the bottom tier.  It turned out great with the blue fondant.

Flower Detail

Cake and Cupcake Bridal Shower

Cake and Cupcakes to match.  

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

My son was pretty upset when this one got delivered.  
Usually they don't care so much about the cakes I make, but for a 3 year old boy obsessed with trains, this cake was a little bit harder to say goodbye to. 

Cake Made for a Crowd

This cake is made for a crowd! Serving nearly 200 people.
I love the color combination of green and purple.  
When everything was said and done, this cake stood nearly 30" tall.

Feather Accents

Ribbon Buttercream cakes were very popular in 2011.  
Aren't the feathers a fun accent to the flowers? 

Angry Birds

Who doesn't want to get in on the "Angry Bird" craze?  
This was an "interactive" cake. I gave this lucky birthday boy all the figurines, and he could place them on the cake the way he chose.  His mom told me he kept placing them in different positions and "played" with his cake all day before his party started. 
Now that's a fun cake!!


This little guy makes any baby shower or first birthday cake extra special.

I had a bride order a grooms cake for her hubby who LOVED the game Plants vs. Zombies

Another version of the Princess Cake

Loved how this cake turned out.  
(photo credit: Swensen Photography)

Colorful Cake

Beautiful Fresh Flowers can make a cake "pop" with color.  

Princess Cake

Another grooms cake. 
This guy loves to go fishing with his dog! We built this cake to look like a mountain with the fishing lake at the top of the mountain.  
Hey, it looks like he caught a big one!

Classic Elegance

This cake is a perfect example of a classic romantic wedding cake with a modern twist.  
Fondant is airbrushed with a pearl glaze to give it a shine and crystals accents give the flowers and the cake some extra "bling". 
The "Bling" Factor is a popular trend I'm happy is sticking around for a while.

Buttercream Ribbons

Layers upon layers of buttercream "ribbons" is what gives this cake it's beautiful texture.  
Spray the whole cake with a little pearl dust and you have a gorgeous satin finish. 

(photo courtesy of Swensen Photography)

What every girl wants for their birthday... Louis & Tiffany!

This cake was for a lucky birthday girl who had a Tiffany inspired birthday bash. 
What girl doesn't love fancy shoes and jewelry?
(especially if you can eat them?)

Coconut Texture

One of my favorite looks. Perfect for any season, but especially cool for winter weddings. 
This cake is covered in large flakes of unsweetened coconut.  
The coconut doesn't affect the taste of the cake (being unsweetened), but gives the cake a wonderful and unique texture. 

Chocolate Roses

 White, dark and milk chocolate roses. 
Delicious and Beautiful addition to this wedding cake. 

Basic Wedding Cake

Here is a perfect example of a basic cake priced at our base price of $400.  
Fondant tiers, basic detail and ribbon.  
This cake serves about 120

Diagonal Buttercream

Textured buttercreams are a great alternative to you fondant haters out there.  
The texture gives buttercream cakes a modern feel.
If you want a perfectly smooth cake, I still recommend fondant. They will always look better.
But if you like the textured look, this is a great option.

Basketball Fan

I love doing Grooms Cakes!! 
They are so much fun and you can really show your new hubby how much you care for him by giving him a cake that expressed his personality.

Fondant Overlay

Fun technique to use.  Two layers of fondant, then you cut out patterns in the top layer to expose the color of the second layer of fondant.  

Black & Gold Elegance

Welcome to Sugar Kisses Cakes Blog! Where you can see everything I'm working on and doing on a daily basis! Hope you enjoy the site.. and remember.... 
 So feel free to comment anytime!!