Sunday, November 8, 2009

Special Event Series #5-- First Birthday Cakes

Once your a first time mom, you realize that there is not many more important events than your childs first birthday... for some of us... it's ALMOST as important as our wedding day... (OK.. not really.. but we act like it).  I am guilty of this myself.  My first little baby had a killer Baby Einstein birthday party with more friends invited than I think was could fit in my house.  But... it's their first birthday... and it's gotta be big! 
There are so many adorable ways to do a first birthday cake. You can re-create their favorite toy or their favorite character, or you can make it whimsical, kid like and full of fun!
Full of fun is how I depict this cake made for an adorable little baby girl.  Her mom is super stylin with everything she does, wears and buys.. I knew the cake had to be over the top!  Mom put the cute tuille "skirts" around the bottom and top of the cake and made it even extra "girly".  The cupcake on top easily came off for an individual cake for the birthday girl to sink her hands into!

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I LOVE this cake! SO cute! I want to say thank you for being one of my fellow cake maker bloggers of inspiration. I am new to making cakes and use all of my cake bloggers as inspirations! You can check out what I have made so far at

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