Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Event Series #7-- Witches, Witches, Witches

This is the last cake in our Special Event Series.  This cake is a super fun idea if you want to do something very unique and individualized for everyone at your party.  Whether it's 50 people or 10... an personalized or individual cake is a real treat and lets your guests know how special they are.
These individual witch cakes were made for an annual witches tea to celebrate halloween a couple weeks ago.  The host of this party has been throwing witches tea's now for 11 years and she has got the magic touch. All her friends look forward to this party all year long.  When I went to deliver the witch display.. her house was filled with halloween decor, fancy halloween dishes set for a 5 course meal for 50 of her closest "witch" friends (no paper at this house... ALL glass ware.. can you imagine the clean up?)  She dedicated one room just for the witch cake display and let everyone take a witch home with them after the party.
Creativity is the key for individual cakes.  Whether it's little people like in this picture, or small mini cakes in various shapes and designs... your guests will oohhh and awwww when they get their own cake.
These little witches not only looked great... they tasted great too!
    Color coded with their dresses, the guests could choose from raspberry lemonade cake with a lemon cream cheese filling, pumpkin chocolate chip cake with a spiced cream cheese buttercream or a chocolate mint truffle cake with mint ganache.

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