Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Classic Elegance- Black, White & Red

Photo provided by Swensen Photography

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE black and white together.  Probably a little too much. I wear black way too often. My husband actually encouraged me to go shopping one time, IF I bought something with color in it! So ladies.. whenever you want a new wardrobe... start looking like you are going to a funeral everyday.. and you might just get your wish :)
Now on for the real reason for this post.... THE CAKE!!
Chelsie was the beautiful bride who belonged with this cake.  She was such a sweet girl and I loved working with her and her mom.  The reception was at the ever so romantic LaCaille, and the place was decorated with true classic beauty.  Black, white and pops of red made this night classy and elegant.  The damaske design on her cake was stenciled on and give the cake a great look with a slight texture.  The bright roses ontop gave the cake the "pop" it needed to complete the overall look.
If you are thinking about doing an intricate design on your cake.. stenciling is one option you have.  It's beautiful when done correctly, you can have custom stencils done with any design you want, and it's elegant without being gobby.

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