Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "IT" Color!

Candy Apple Green is THE Color! It's been a popular one this year. I was lucky enough to do Bethanie's cake for her. She is the cutest girl! They wanted something fun and simple. They were using green apples (from their own apple trees.... cool!) as part of their decor, so wanted to implement the color into the cake. I think the green and purple were a great color combination. As for the flowers... they were done by the best RETIRED florist around... my own mom! It was fun to work on a wedding with her again.


Johnny and Bethanie said...

You did another cake for a bethanie?? haha thats cool! Very cute cake!

KEJ Photo Impressions said...

I like your work! I am just learning about blogging, but I am not loyal to anyone for cakes so maybe I can link to you or recommend you. Thanks for commenting on someone else's blog so I knew where to visit next!

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