Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Black Wedding Cake???

So if you are brave enough to want a black wedding cake... you just might see that you can pull off an elegant, amazingly different cake that will be a show stopper. I was impressed with Heidi and Tobin when they came to our consultation saying they wanted and all black wedding cake (and even more impressed that mom was on page with their idea's!) Not too many people are brave enough to go with such a bold color. This cake turned out awesome! The black looked beautiful and then we put the bright pink flowers on it and the cake came alive. It's always a HUGE compliment to me when guests start snapping pictures of my cakes. This was one of those cakes. As soon as I moved out of the way, there were about 5 people snapping pictures at the finished product. I don't know if they'd ever seen a black wedding cake before.
Thanks Heidi and Tobin for stepping out of the box and going bold! I LOVED working on your cake and I hope you loved it to!

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Lisa said...

Is the cake covered in fondant or is that black buttercream?

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