Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Cake

You would think that being a cake decorator, my kids would have fabulous cakes... well, as much as I'd like to say they are my first priority and I spend hours on them... it's just not true.
My little guy just turned 1 and he has a little blue dinosaur toy I patterned his cake after. I had been doing cakes and consultations all week, so when it came time to do his cake... well.. lets just say I was a little caked out. I think it turned out pretty cute for the hour or so I put into it. I guess I shouldn't really care... he's one for heaven's sake! He won't remember if he had a cake or not.
So for all you cake decorators out there... don't look at this one too closely.. You can tell I didn't spend much time on it!
Happy Birthday B!

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