Monday, January 9, 2012

Fondant Ribbons

If you have been scouring the hottest trends of the later part of 2011 and I'm sure most of 2012, you will see this style of cake.  
Thanks to Maggie Austin, a professional ballet dancer turned cake artists, brides and cake designers everywhere are wanting to try out this cool technique.  
I loved making this cake! The ultra thin layers of fondant look like layers of a puff pastry.  It's a beautiful look especially with the color gradient.  
So brides... let me know when you want me to make one of these cakes for you!! 
I can't wait to do it again!


A. L. Martin said...

I AM PINTEREST-ING THIS. I love, let me repeat, LOVE this cake!!!

George Alcott said...

Image of this Wedding cakes is so amazing, good design & well decorated.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful image of cake with us........!

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