Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sock Monkey

I know we are in the heart of brides wanting to plan their wedding cake, but I had to post this fun cake I did this week.  Although this cake was for a darling little 1 year old, it could also be a great grooms cake.  Not that your hubby to be is a die-hard sock monkey fan, but it's a perfect example of what a grooms cake could be.
Grooms cakes are so much fun either at your wedding reception or even at the rehearsal dinner.  If you haven't heard of a grooms cake, it's a cake that is usually based on something your fiance loves.  Traditionally it was a chocolate layered cake since wedding cakes were usually just the plain ol vanilla.. but as you all know, weddings are no longer that "traditional".  Weddings cakes today have much more spunk than the normal chocolate grooms cake and vanilla wedding cake.  Grooms cakes now are sculpted and designed with the grooms interests in mind.  From baseballs to transformers, fishing to wakeboarding, a grooms cake will be a crowd pleaser as well as a thoughtful gift (and great surprise) for the love of your life.

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Jennifer said...

Hello! I just wanted to tell you thank you for the cake testing today. I went to my other appointment I had today and their was NO COMPARISON at all in the taste of the cakes. I took one bite of each flavor and I was done. I of course did the opposite with yours and polished it off! I had my family taste some when I got home and they said it was heavenly! They thought I was exagerating when I told them it was "that good" now, they know what I am talking about! THANK YOU!! :)

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