Sunday, November 21, 2010

Simple Elegance

This cute bride called herself "marzipan girl" in all of our email communications.  "Marzipan Girl"/Christian was a wonderful bride to work with.  She had a few last minute "kinks" in where her reception would be held that were beyond her control and she handled everything with grace and maturity.  I'm sure many others would have become bridezilla if they had to change venues on such short notice.  
As for the cake, she had very specific orders on how she wanted the cake to taste like... bet you can't guess she wanted marzipan instead of fondant :)
Marzipan is much like fondant but made from almond paste.  It's not quite as sweet and has a beautiful ivory color.  I loved this cake.  The ivory with just a touch of the purple in the flowers gave this a simplistic modern beauty.  With any type of art.. sometimes the more simple, the better.  
This cake followed that rule perfectly.
Thanks Christian for letting me be apart of your wedding.  

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Rebecca said...

wow! This IS a very beautiful cake! Nice job!

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